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At Home Leg Workout

10-Minute At Home Leg Workout

BJ Gaddour has been creating ass-kicking workouts with minimal equipment for years. During the Coronavirus Lockdown, BJ has been producing Workout of the Week Videos for his YouTube community to help them stay fit during the lockdown.

This 10-Minute at-home leg workout is a burner and focuses on 5 exotic full-body split thruster variations that will smoke your abs, legs, and shoulders.

How you can support BJ Gaddour

BJ has a strong online following. He’s been kicking ass for people during the Coronavirus by giving them ways to stay fit during the lockdown.

If you’d like to support BJ, you can sign up for his “Daily BJ” workout program for $19 a month.

The name of the course alone is worth the price. On top of that, you get exclusive access to some of the best 30 minute fat-loss workouts on the planet.

Other ways to support BJ:
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Movements Performed in this At Home Leg Workout

The Split Thruster is a featured move in this workout. It’s a full body fat-burner with extra heat on the legs, abs, & shoulders.

Perform each side for 40 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest. Perform for 10 straight minutes. Either pick a single variation to use the whole time or move to a new one every 2 minutes.

  1. Multi-Level Press
  2. ISO-Dynamic Split Thruster
  3. Pulsing Split Thruster
  4. Drop Split Thruster
  5. Split Switch Thruster

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