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Perfect Smash Burger

How-To Cook the Perfect Smash Burger on a Griddle Grill

This instructional video shows how to cook the perfect Smash Burger on a griddle grill. The video was made by the good folks at Booze and Burgers and posted originally on the BlackStone Products Instagram TV channel as part of the Gotham Burger Social Club.

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Start with Cooking the Onions – They Take the Longest to Cook

To prepare your griddle grill for cooking the onions first, pour some olive oil over the griddle on low heat. The video suggests Sweet Vidalia Onions for your Smash Burger as they are sweet and have the most flavor.

Put the onions right on your griddle grill with the olive oil and add in some salt and pepper and some butter as they cook down. The onions will take 45 minutes to an hour to cook so start them on the griddle early.

Cook Onions on Griddle Grill for Smash Burger

You’ll notice the transition of the onions as they go from raw to cooked as they start to brown and move from white to a beautiful, brown, carmelized onion ready for Smash town 😉

caramelized onions for smash burger on griddle grill

Using High-Quality Ground Beef for the Perfect Smash Burger

While the folks at Tappi suggest a local beef from their provider in New York which is 30-day dry-aged, do your best to secure some good quality beef for your burgers. It makes quite the difference in the final product.

We suggest a 60/40 blend of beef and roll them into 4oz meatballs for the best result.

Prepping Your Griddle for Cooking the Meat

At this point, you’ll want to turn your griddle up to high-heat and re-season with olive oil to ensure the griddle is ready for your beef.

Drop the 4oz beef balls about 4-6 inches apart and smash them immediately with your spatula.

Smash Burger on Griddle Top Grill

Add salt on top of the smashed burgers and notice the smoke coming up off the griddle as your beef starts to cook.

The Juiciest Burger You’ve Ever Had

As soon as you flip your burgers, you’ll notice a wonderful crust on the burger from the sear keeping all the juices you lose in a traditional grilled burger intact and ready to enjoy.

Where traditional burgers generally drip juices through the grill grates, the smash burger ends up cooking in its own juices since it is cooked on the griddle grill. This produces a much juicier final product with an amazing texture to match the flavor.

Getting the Buns Just Right on the Griddle

As your smash burgers finish cooking, butter the other side of the griddle on low heat and prepare to cook the buns. As the butter melts, rub your buns in the heated butter and let them cook a bit.

Sprinkle a bit of salt on the buns for added flavor as they cook on the griddle. Let them to desired darkness and don’t forget to add cheese on top of the patties at this point if you’re planning on cheese burgers.

Putting the Final Smash Burger Masterpiece Together

Time to grab the onions, the perfect smash burger patty, and the buns and wrap it all up into one crazy, mouthwatering masterpiece.

The team at Booze and Burgers recommends dropping some caramelized onions on both the top and bottom of the bun for maximum taste thrill.

If you’re into pickles on your burger, add them over top of the onions on either the bottom or top bun or both if you’re really feeling it.

Juicy Smash Burger with Pickles

When you’re ready, drop a patty on the bottom bun and add another burger patty on top of that. Take the top of the bun, toss it on top and get ready for flavor town!

If you’re feeling extra, drop another dash of salt on your Perfect Smash Burger and pair with a nice bourbon.


Ways You Can Support BlackStone and Booze and Burgers:
Follow Black Stone Instagram and Booze and Burgers on Instagram – make sure to give them a shoutout for all the great burger recipes they’re making available to you.

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