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COVID-19 CrossFit Challenge Video 1 – BoomBox CrossFit

When practicing body-weight movements and at-home workouts, it’s important to visualize the workout prior to practicing the movements in the CrossFit Challenge Video 1. This is video 1 of a multi-part series of COVID-19 CrossFit Challenge produced by the good folks at BoomBox.

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Strength Movement – 10-15 Dumbell or KettleBell Press

2 options during this movement – either use the dumbell or kettlebell to press the weight overhead. Either weight will work, though form, as always, matters most.

Boths weights you can handle with one arm, making sure that elbows are tight and ribs are positioned down. Press the weight right overhead on each hand, keeping the ribs in place and the elbow tight.

If the dumbell or kettlebell is a bit heavy, you can use both hands to cradle the weight and push up overhead. Keep the elbows nice and tight and reach the weight directly overhead.

This Weeks Wide Push-Up Challenge

The wide push-up should keep your hand position outside the shoulders. During this exercise, maintain focus on keeping the quads tight and ribs tight throughout the movement.

Lower your body weight to the floor, keeping your core tight, and touching your chest to the floor. Focus on keeping your core tight through the movement.

If you’re not able to keep your core tight and compact from your toes during this movement, try scaling the workout to use your knees as a resting point and practice the Push-Up movement from your knees.

Scaled Wide Grip Push-Up

When you complete the upward motion of the push-up from the scaled position, make sure to lift your knees from the ground and plank your body in order to get the full range of motion from the movement.

Strength Movement – 10-15 Dumbell or KettleBell Bent Over Row

Taking close to a split-jerk position, take your dumbell or kettlebell and raise the weight from one side at a time doing 10-15 repetitions on each arm.

Resting Between Each Set of Movements

The recommendation is to rest 30 seconds between each set of movements. This time should allow ample time to recover between sets of exercises. Feel free to progressively increase the number of reps completed during this workout.

Conditioning Workout of the Day

To compete in the COVID-19 CrossFit Challenge and earn raffle tickets for your completed workouts, you must post your conditioning workout of the day to the BoomBox WODIFY.

AMRAP 15 Workout of the Day

amrap 15 workout of the day

CrossFit Challenge Video 1 – Movement 1 – 15 Burpees over Kettlebell or Dumbell

Set up your feet, shoulders width apart, with your feet directly next to the dumbell or kettlebell. The goal is to get your feet back to the same position on the opposite side of the bell from each burpee movement.

During each burpee movement, your chest should completely touch the ground prior to lifting your body back up and jumping from the ground position.

Your jump should include both feet moving from the ground up and over the kettle or dumbell working to keep your feet together during the jump at the same time.

CrossFit Challenge Video 1 – Movement 2 – Hand Release Push-Ups

Start with your hands shoulder-width apart and inclined in the plank position with your toes on the floor.

Lower your body to the floor with your hands in place, keeping your butt inline with your back and core from the floor. Release your hands from the floor while keeping you feet in place and body inline.

Lastly, replace your hands to the ground and press your body up into full plank position.

Try to avoid “worming” your body and bending your back in an unnatural position during this workout of the day.

Trey to keep everything tight and in an athletic position from your toes on the floor to your shoulders through the push-up.

CrossFit Challenge Video 1 – Movement 3 – Dumbell Squat Complex

This movement will encompass 6 total complex movements.

Starting with the dumbell lifted to your chest and holding in the goblet position, lunge with your left leg first for two repetitions. Make sure during your goblet lunge-squat, your opposite knee touches the ground for maximum extension and resistance.

Next do a full squat for two repetitions making sure you keep the bell elevated to shoulder level and back straight through the squat.

Next move to the right leg for two lunges keeping the back straight and touching the left knee to the ground.

Follow up with two mover full squats to finish your first complex.

Complete this complex 6 times for this potion of the workout challenge.

The Midline Workout brought to you by BlueLotus Wellness

The midline workout is a 12 minute EMOM alternating each minute of the duration.

The first movement is 4 seconds of bicycle movements to work the abs. The goal of this movement is to keep your knees high and working to drive the shoulders back through the movement.

Keep your shoulders slightly off the ground to keep the midline engaged during the movement.

Repeat this movement for :40 seconds before moving to the next movement in the EMOM.

Part 2 of the Midline workout is the Russian Twists and will be the following :40 seconds of the work.

Moving side-to-side while balancing on your backside with fists clenched together, touch the fists to each side of your body from left to right. Use your torso to keep balance and feel to offset the knees and feet to keep your balance during the movement.

The third movement in the midline routine is a stand sit-up or crunch for :40 seconds.

Make sure to rest for the remainder of the :20 seconds on the clock

Rest is important during this workout. Try to work through each movement and allow yourself time to take a drink of water or catch your breath when needed.

Nutrition Challenge of the Week

The nutrition challenge of the week, sponsored by BlueLotus Wellness, is to drink your body-weight in ounces of water.

View the Whole CrossFit Challenge Series

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A Great Way to Stay in Shape at Home During the Coronavirus Lockdown

We’ve seen a great number of local gyms running programs like this in their local communities. Cheers to the great team at BoomBox for keeping their community healthy, active and fit during this time.

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