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boombox covid-19 crossfit challenge

BOOMBOX vs COVID-19 Fitness Challenge Series

In this video series, the good folks from BoomBox in Southern California are providing a series of COVID-19 CrossFit Challenge programs and incentives to help the community stay accountable and fit during the COVID-19 Lockdown.

Keeping up with your Fitness during the Coronavirus Lockdown

Coaches Eric, Carlie, and Mel have banded together through their CrossFit-like fitness gym in Southern California to help their gym members and anyone interested stay fit during the mandatory Coronavirus lockdown.

In this intro video, the coaches breakdown the challenge and ways to stay accountable to your fitness goals throughout the lockdown.

How You Can Support BoomBox:
Follow them on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube and make sure to give them a shoutout for all the great training challenges they’re making available to you.

Adding Incentives to the Fitness Challenge

BoomBox uses a program called WODIFY to track members’ progress, attendance, and membership to the gym. If you are a current member at BoomBox and connected to their WODIFY account, the coaches are offering special incentives for logging your workouts from the challenge.

The scoring criteria are fairly simple. Through WODIFY they’ve set up a way to earn raffle tickets by completing the daily workouts or, “WOD” which is short for “Workout Of the Day”

Logging your workout on WODIFY

Loggin your workout on Wodify will earn you 1 raffle ticket each day during the CrossFit Fitness challenge. This is an easy one folks. Just show up, do the workout, and get rewarded.

COVID-19 CrossFit Challenge

Post Your Workout on Social Media using #BoomBoxVsCOVID19

No matter which social media platform you use, the coaches at BoomBox Crossfit will reward you with another raffle ticket anytime you post your CrossFit challenge image or video and include the hashtag #BoomBoxVsCOVID19

Just make sure this is an actual post and not a story post. Story posts on social media are not trackable and therefore will not earn you another raffle ticket.

BlueLotus Wellness Weekly Challenge

BlueLotus Wellness is a Nutrition Coaching service provided by one of the members at BoomBox Crossfit. Tagging @BlueLotusWellness in your Social Media posts each week will earn you another raffle ticket to this COVID-19 CrossFit Challenge.

A Great Way to Stay in Shape at Home During the Coronavirus Lockdown

We’ve seen a great number of local gyms running programs like this in their local communities. Cheers to the great team at BoomBox for keeping their community healthy, active and fit during this time.

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