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High-Intensity Spin Workout

30 Minute High-Intensity Spin Workout at Home

This 30-minute high-intensity spin workout is a burner. The workout is led by two instructors from a local spin studio in California called Rebel Spin. The spin instructors reacted quickly to the stay-at-home orders placed on California during Coronavirus by renting out their spin bikes to members and moving their classes to be virtually led from YouTube.

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Rebel is also launching a virtual class through their app. If you’re interested in more details on how you can join the virtual studio, please contact them here.

This High-Intensity Spin Workout comes with a Counterpart

The instructors at Rebel put this workout together knowing that not all their members had access to a spin bike. Instead of leaving those people out, they added a high-intensity body movement component so everyone can join in.

Big ups to instructor Jen for knocking the body movement version of the workout out of the park. And of course to instructor Heather for keeping the intensity on the spin side during the workout.


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